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Friday, 21 December 2007

This page explains what steps new users need to complete before accessing the Grid:

  1. Get access to a Grid User Interface(UI)
  2. Obtain a personal certificate
  3. Join a Virtual Organization(VO)


Step 1: Get access to a User Interface (UI) server

Users need to get access to Grid client command line tools and APIs, which is accessible from the User Interface (UI).  The UI is any Linux server with the required Grid client tools installed.
  • ASGC maintains a UI Service for the Taiwan HEP community and Academia Sinica users.  If you belong to one of these groups please download this form and follow instructions on the form to apply for an UI account.

For more information about ASGC's UI service .
  • Other users will need to install their own UIs.  You can find instructions UI installation in this How-To .

Step 2: Obtain a personal x509 certificate

Users need a valid x509 certificate both during the registration process and job submission steps.  Users will use x509 certificates to authenticate when accessing Grid services.  IGTF recognised Certification Authorities(CA) can issue valid certficates.  For AsiaPacific users, you can find your local CA here:
If you are working in Taiwan you can apply for a user certficate from ASGCCA (more information here ).
Once you recieved your certificate:
  •  follow instructions on how to export the certificate
  •  upload your certificate into your User Interface account
  •  convert your pkcs12 certificate to PEM format for grid use 

 Step 3: Join an Virtual Organization (VO)

Users need to also join a Virtual Organization in order to use Grid resources and services.

HEP users that are part of the LHC collaboration can join experiment VO found here .

Taiwan researchers testing new Grid applications can join  TWGrid VO here.

Asia Pacific researchers testing new Grid applications can join APeSci VO here

EUAsiaGrid project users can join EUAsia VO here .

To collaborate with other Grid communities refer to the global VO directory found at the cic-portal .



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